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Insights into the 'healthy immigrant effect': health status and health service use of immigrants to Canada.
This paper combines multiple cross-sections of data drawn from the National Population Health Survey and Canadian Community Health Survey to confirm the existence of the 'healthy immigrant effect',Expand
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Is migration to Canada associated with unhealthy weight gain? Overweight and obesity among Canada's immigrants.
This paper aims to address a gap in our understanding of immigrant health issues by examining the determinants of excess weight--an important indicator of current and future health. The paperExpand
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The Healthy Immigrant Effect and Immigrant Selection: Evidence from Four Countries
The existence of a healthy immigrant effect – where immigrants are on average healthier than the native-born – is now a well accepted phenomenon. There are many competing explanations for thisExpand
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Evaluation of vitamin A toxicity.
Toxicity has been associated with abuse of vitamin A supplements and with diets extremely high in preformed vitamin A. Consumption of 25,000-50,000 IU/d for periods of several months or more canExpand
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Health Assimilation Patterns Amongst Australian Immigrants
This paper compares the health of Australian immigrants with that of the Australian-born population and examines the extent to which differences vary with time since migration. Health is measuredExpand
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The Earnings of Immigrant Men in Australia: Assimilation, Cohort Effects, and Macroeconomic Conditions
This paper analyzes the earnings of immigrant men in Australia using data from Income Distribution Surveys for 1982, 1986, and 1990. The paper expands on the standard approach used in the literatureExpand
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The Health Behaviors of Immigrants and Native-born People in Canada
This paper analyzes the incidence of participation in various activities generally expected to have an impact on current and future physical health. Attention is focused on the incidence of theseExpand
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Cancer-related health behaviours and health service use among Inuit and other residents of Canada's north.
This article identifies the extent to which demographic, socio-economic and geographic factors account for differences between Inuit and other Northern Canadian residents in health-related behavioursExpand
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The relationship between survival and socio-economic status for head and neck cancer in Canada
BackgroundHuman papilloma virus (HPV) is emerging as the primary cause for some head and neck cancers. The objective of this study was to investigate the association between head and neck cancerExpand
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Toronto and Vancouver Bound: The Location Choice of New Canadian Immigrants
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