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Pacific coral reefs of panamá: Structure, distribution and predators
ZusammenfassungDie rezenten Korallenriffstrukturen an der östlichen Pazifikküste von Panamá zeigen starkes Wachstum. Von den 20 vorhandenen Arten hermatypischer Coelenteraten gehören 3 zu der
The Moray Eels of Australia and New Zealand, with the Description of Two New Species (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae)
The types of moray eel type specimens in museums have been re-examined, their identities established, and brief descriptions of the specimens written, and a key to the 59 muraenid species of Australia and New Zealand is presented.
A New Genus and Two New Species of Myrophine Worm-eels, with Comments on Muraenichthys and Scolecenchelys (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae)
Scolecenchelys Ogilby, previously a subgenus of Muraenichthys Bleeker, is generically distinct on the basis of differences in dentition, cephalic pores, and its posterior nostril condition (within vs outside mouth).
Key biodiversity areas as globally significant target sites for the conservation of marine biological diversity
By mapping locations of threatened species and populations that are highly aggregated in time or space, the KBA process allows marine sites of global biodiversity significance to be systematically identified as priority conservation targets.
The White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias, Has a Warm Stomach
La telemetrie revele que l'estomac de ce requin a une temperature de 7,4° superieure a la temperature de l'eau ambiante, cette temperature permettrait une digestion plus rapide
Detection of eyeshine by flashlight fishes of the family anomalopidae
It is suggested that flashlight fishes may be able to communicate with each other by altering the accommodation of their eyes by analyzing the optics of light organs of fish of the family Anomalopidae and by photographing the eyeshine of a number of fishes with a photoretinoscope.
A Review of the Eel Genera Leptenchelys and Muraenichthys, with the Description of a New Genus, Schismorhynchus , and a New Species, Muraenichthys chilensis
A new genus, Scbismorbyncus, is described to provide a key to the identification of the species of Mttraenichthys and related genera, and to describe a new species, M .
Two new Indo-Pacific morays of the genus Uropterygius (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae)
The possession by the new species of wedge-shaped rather than conical jaw teeth within species of Uropterygius as well as the relationship of vomerine dentition to fish size are discussed.