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Optimizing Millennials’ Communication Styles
Millennials, those individuals born between 1980 and 2000, compose the largest cohort of college students in the United States. Stereotypical views of millennials characterize them as technologically
Adult Consequences of Late Adolescent Alcohol Consumption: A Systematic Review of Cohort Studies
In a systematic review of cohort studies of adolescent drinking and later outcomes, Jim McCambridge and colleagues show that although studies suggest links to worse adult physical and mental health
The efficacy of single-session motivational interviewing in reducing drug consumption and perceptions of drug-related risk and harm among young people: results from a multi-site cluster randomized
This study provides the first substantial evidence of non-treatment benefit to be derived among young people involved in illegal drug use in receipt of motivational interviewing.
On-line Randomized Controlled Trial of an Internet Based Psychologically Enhanced Intervention for People with Hazardous Alcohol Consumption
The trial demonstrates a widespread and potentially sustainable demand for Internet based interventions for people with hazardous alcohol consumption, which could be delivered internationally and indicates the need for further research to optimise the effectiveness of Internet-based behavioural interventions.
Web-based alcohol intervention for Mäori university students: double-blind, multi-site randomized controlled trial
Web-based screening and brief intervention reduced hazardous and harmful drinking among non-help-seeking Māori students in a large-scale pragmatic trial and has wider implications for behavioural intervention in the important but neglected area of indigenous health.
Drug policy and the public good?
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Effectiveness of a Self-Guided Web-Based Cannabis Treatment Program: Randomized Controlled Trial
It is suggested that web-based interventions may be an effective means of treating uncomplicated cannabis use and related problems and reducing the public health burden of cannabis use disorders.
Methodological Challenges in Online Trials
The major methodological issues that arise in trials are described (recruitment, randomization, fidelity of the intervention, retention, and data quality), how the online context affects these issues are considered, and potential solutions are used to illustrate potential solutions.