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Multiparameter grating metrology using optical scatterometry
Scatterometry, the analysis of light diffraction from periodic structures, is shown to be a versatile metrology technique applicable to a number of processes involved in the production ofExpand
Neutral Ion Beam Figuring Of Large Optical Surfaces
The figuring of large optical components using mechanical techniques is a time and money consuming operation. Neutral Ion Beam Figuring (IBF) is shown to be a practical and flexible alternative toExpand
Sixteen-megabit dynamic random access memory trench depth characterization using two-dimensional diffraction analysis
Advances in memory IC technology for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices have come about from a reduction in individual cell thickness with a corresponding increase in cell depth in order toExpand
Ultraviolet Ion Lasers
We have extended cw laser action down to 220 nm. This represents a 100 nm improvement to the state-of-the-art prior to our work. Moreover, we have obtained cw laser oscillation on twenty additionalExpand
1 W operation of singly ionized silver and copper lasers
We report a multiline output power of 1 W from the 800.4, 825.5, and 840.4 nm Ag II transitions and 350 mW from the 408.6 nm Ag II transition resulting from pulsed operation of a silver hollowExpand
Metrology of subwavelength photoresist gratings using optical scatterometry
The widths and overall profiles of dielectric grating lines can be determined by measuring the intensity of diffracted laser light from the sample over a specified range of incident beam angles. ThisExpand
Ion-assisted deposition of optical thin films: low energy vs high energy bombardment.
Oxygen ion-assisted deposition of SiO2 and TiO2 has been investigated as a function of ion energy (30–500 eV) and current density (0–300 μA/cm2) at the optic. It is shown that both low and highExpand
Ellipsometric Scatterometry for the Metrology of Sub-0.1- num-Linewidth Structures.
We describe a modification to our existing scatterometry technique for extracting the relative phase and amplitude of the electric field diffracted from a grating. This modification represents aExpand
Etch depth estimation of large-period silicon gratings with multivariate calibration of rigorously simulated diffraction profiles
Diffraction from a periodic structure is sensitive to small changes in the shape of that structure. It is possible to exploit this behavior of the scatter data for accurate, precise, rapid,Expand
Linewidth measurement of gratings on photomasks: a simple technique.
A novel laser scatterometer linewidth measurement tool has been developed for critical dimension metrology of photomasks. Calculation of the linewidth is based on a rigorous theoretical model, thusExpand