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The Large Cutting Tools from the South African Acheulean and the Question of Social Traditions1
Handaxes and cleavers are the keystone of the Acheulean, a stone‐tool‐making phenomenon which was made for over a million years (ca. < 1.7 to < 0.25 million years). These large cutting tools areExpand
The British Lower Palaeolithic: Stones in Contention
Taking as its central theme the issue of whether early Hominins organized themselves into societies as we understand them, John McNabb looks at how modern researchers recognize such archaeologicalExpand
A Report on the Archaeological Assemblages from Excavations by Peter Beaumont at Canteen Koppie, Northern Cape, South Africa
This report describes the lithic assemblages associated with the sedimentological column for the Canteen Koppie site. The assemblages represent the first controlled excavations in this world famousExpand
Excavations at Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe, 1968-72
A history of quarrying in the Swanscombe area the history of geological research at Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe through the looking-glass - the history of archaeological research at Barnfield Pit,Expand
Sticks and stones: a possible experimental solution to the question of how the Clacton spear point was made
Unretouched flakes, Clactonian notches, true notches and a unifacial chopper were all used in a series of experiments on staves of yew wood. The aim of the experiments was to see which of the variousExpand
The British Pleistocene fluvial archive: East Midlands drainage evolution and human occupation in the context of the British and NW European record
This paper reviews the Pleistocene evolution and human occupation of the River Trent, the major fluvial artery draining Midland Britain, and places it within a modern Quaternary context. In contrastExpand
East meets West: The Middle Pleistocene site of Rodafnidia on Lesvos, Greece
This paper introduces a new inter-disciplinary and international research project focused on the Palaeolithic site of Rodafnidia on the Greek island of Lesvos, located in the north-eastern Aegean SeaExpand