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A High-Resolution Paleoclimate Record Spanning the Past 25,000 Years in Southern East Africa
High-resolution profiles of the mass accumulation rate of biogenic silica and other geochemical proxies in two piston cores from northern Lake Malawi provide a climate signal for this part ofExpand
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Global land cover classification by remote sensing: present capabilities and future possibilities
Abstract Reliable information on global land cover is required to assist the solution of a wide range of environmental problems. Information from conventional ground-based data has significantExpand
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Biogenic Matter Diagenesis on the Sea Floor: A Comparison Between Two Continental Margin Transects
Benthic chamber measurements of the reactants and products involved with biogenic matter diagenesis (oxygen, ammonium, nitrate, silicate, phosphate, TCOP, alkalinity) were used to define fluxes ofExpand
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Centennial changes in North Pacific anoxia linked to tropical trade winds
Climate warming is expected to reduce oxygen (O2) supply to the ocean and expand its oxygen minimum zones (OMZs). We reconstructed variations in the extent of North Pacific anoxia since 1850 using aExpand
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Trace metal enrichments in Lake Tanganyika sediments: Controls on trace metal burial in lacustrine systems
Abstract We investigate the distributions of several key diagenetic reactants (C, S, Fe) and redox-sensitive trace metals (Mo, Cd, Re, U) in sediments from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa. This studyExpand
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Crustal fluid and ash alteration impacts on the biosphere of Shikoku Basin sediments, Nankai Trough, Japan.
We present data from sediment cores collected from IODP Site C0012 in the Shikoku Basin. Our site lies at the Nankai Trough, just prior to subduction of the 19 Ma Philippine Sea plate. Our dataExpand
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Lead-210 and Polonium-210 disequilibria in the northern Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone
Abstract We report water column dissolved and particulate 210 Pb and 210 Po profiles along with ancillary data from the northern Gulf of Mexico continental shelf collected during the summers of 2011Expand
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Compassion Focused Therapy Groups: Evidence from Routine Clinical Practice
Objectives Psychological therapy groups for people in adult mental health services can relieve waiting list pressures and potentially reduce stigma and social isolation. Compassion-focused therapyExpand
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Final Arrivals and Icebreaker All Day Final Arrivals Main Lodge 3 : 005 : 00 PM Daily Complimentary Wine and Cheese Tasting Main Lodge
3:00 PM Anne Dekas — NanoSIMS and Nitrogen: Improving quantitative nanoSIMS analysis to better understand benthic diazotrophs 3:20 PM Alberto Robador — Studies of bacterial growth dynamics byExpand