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We assign names and new generators to the transitive groups of degree up to 15, reflecting their structure.
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More on replicable functions
We examine further properties of the replicable functions defined in [MOM] and characterized in [ACMS].
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The South African Institute of International Affairs
The accession into the European Union (EU) of 10 new members, mainly from eastern Europe, brings with it economic, social and institutional challenges for the new member states as well as for the 15Expand
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Echocardiographic measurements in normal subjects. Growth-related changes that occur between infancy and early adulthood.
Echocardiographic measurements of the left ventricular dimensions and wall thicknesses at end diastole and end systole, aortic root and left atrial dimensions, mitral valve E-F slope, leftExpand
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Exploring genetic and expression differences between physiologically extreme ecotypes: comparative genomic hybridization and gene expression studies of Kas-1 and Tsu-1 accessions of Arabidopsis
Recent studies have documented remarkable genetic variation among Arabidopsis thaliana accessions collected from diverse habitats. Of particular interest are accessions with putatively locallyExpand
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Irreducible representations of odd degree
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Natural genetic variation in whole‐genome expression in Arabidopsis thaliana: the impact of physiological QTL introgression
A long‐standing and fundamental question in biology is how genes influence complex phenotypes. Combining near‐isogenic line mapping with genome expression profiling offers a unique opportunity forExpand
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Symmetric functions, m -sets, and Galois groups
Given the elementary symmetric functions in {ri } (i = 1. n), we describe algorithms to compute the elementary symmetric functions in the products {ri,ri2 rimI} (1 < il < ... < im < n) and in theExpand
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Computation of Galois groups over function fields
Symmetric function theory provides a basis for computing Galois groups which is largely independent of the coefficient ring. Expand
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