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Effects of caffeine on session ratings of perceived exertion
This study examined effects of caffeine on session ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) following 30 min constant-load cycling. Individuals (n = 15) of varying aerobic fitness completed a $$Expand
Runners greatly underestimate sweat losses before and after a 1-hr summer run.
The purpose of this study was to determine how accurately runners estimate their sweat losses. Male (n = 19) and female (n = 20) runners (41 ± 10 yr, VO2max 57 ± 9 ml · kg(-1) · min(-1) from theExpand
Effect of exercise duration on session RPE at an individualized constant workload
Session RPE (SRPE) permits subjective ratings of global effort following exercise. SRPE is useful for evaluating training load; however, mediating factors are not well understood. This study comparedExpand
Influence of Terminal RPE on Session RPE
Abstract Hornsby, JH, Green, JM, O'Neal, EK, Killen, LL, McIntosh, JR, and Coates, TE. Influence of terminal RPE on session RPE. J Strength Cond Res 27(10): 2800–2805, 2013—Session rating ofExpand
Effects of Caffeine on Perceptually-Based Intensity Production During Outdoor Running
International Journal of Exercise Science 12(5): 526-535, 2019. Caffeine (CAF) may enhance performance while altering estimated RPE. However, effects of caffeine on RPE production is not wellExpand