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Testing a Software Product Line
This chapter provides a comprehensive view of testing at various points in the software development process and describes specific techniques for carrying out the various test-related tasks. Expand
Incremental testing of object-oriented class structures
A class testing technique that exploits the hierarchical nature of the inheritance relation to test related groups of classes by reusing the testing information for a parent class to guide the testing of a subclass. Expand
A Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software
The authors reveal how object-oriented software development allows testing to be integrated into each stage of the process--from defining requirements to system integration--resulting in a smoother development process and a higher end quality. Expand
A systematic mapping study of software product lines testing
Investigating state-of-the-art testing practices, synthesize available evidence, and identify gaps between required techniques and existing approaches, available in the literature are focused on. Expand
On strategies for testing software product lines: A systematic literature review
A literature review of studies published from the year 1998 up to the 1st semester of 2013 showed a number of leveraged strategies that can support both the selection of products, and the actual testing of products. Expand
Calculating ROI for software product lines
This software product line cost model can calculate the costs and benefits (and hence the ROI) that the authors can expect to accrue from various product line development situations. Expand
The Structured Intuitive Model for Product Line Economics (SIMPLE)
Abstract : Software product line practice is an effective strategy for developing families of software-intensive products. Business modeling is a fundamental practice that provides input into aExpand