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Mind and World
Modern philosophy finds it difficult to give a satisfactory picture of the place of minds in the world. In "Mind and World", based on the 1991 John Locke Lectures, John McDowell offers his diagnosisExpand
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Mind, Value, and Reality
Part 1 Greek ethics: the role of Eudaimonia in Aristotle's ethics some issues in Aristotle's moral psychology virtue and reason. Part 2 Reason, value and reality: are moral requirements hypotheticalExpand
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Criteria, Defeasibility, and Knowledge
  • J. McDowell
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  • Studies in the philosophy of logic and knowledge
  • 2004
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On the Sense and Reference of a Proper Name1
i. An interesting way to raise questions about the relation between language and reality is to ask: how could we state a theory knowledge of which would suffice for understanding a language? DonaldExpand
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Virtue and Reason
1. Presumably the point of, say, inculcating a moral outlook lies in a concern with how people live. It may seem that the very idea of a moral out look makes room for, and requires, the existence ofExpand
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Meaning, Knowledge, and Reality
PART 1: MEANING, TRUTH, AND UNDERSTANDING 1. Truth-Conditions, Bivalence, and Verificationism 2. Meaning, Communication, and Knowledge 3. Quotation and Saying That 4. In Defence of Modesty 5. AnotherExpand
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De Re Senses
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The Varieties of Reference.
Gareth Evans, one of the most brilliant philosophers of his generation, died in 1980 at the age of thirty-four. He had been working for many years on a book about reference, but did not complete itExpand
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Non-Cognitivism and Rule-Following
A supposed ground for non-cognitivism about values lies in a conception according to which descriptions of the world must be intelligible from no special point of view, whereas ascriptions of valueExpand
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Wittgenstein on following a rule
We find it natural to think of meaning and understanding in, as it were, contractual terms. 2 Our idea is that to learn the meaning of a word is to acquire an understanding that obliges usExpand
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