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Business Improvement Districts, Planning and Urban Regeneration
Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have been widely adopted in the USA as a means of bringing about enhanced service provision and broader regeneration impacts, and interest is now turning to the
Reviewing the "Community of Practice" Metaphor: An Analysis of Control Relations in a Primary School Classroom
Treating classroom learning as a community process of transforming participation in social practices has provided a useful corrective to predominantly abstract, mentalistic conceptualizations of
Regeneration of Cultural Quarters: Public Art for Place Image or Place Identity?
Cities are increasingly seeking to encourage culture-related uses in particular areas, often designated as ‘cultural quarters’, to achieve regeneration outcomes, and public art is often applied in
Wetland and Environmental Applications of GIS
IntroductionIntroduction to Wetland and Environmental Engineering Applications of GIS, J.G. Lyon and J. McCarthyThe ABCs of GIS, an Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, R. Congalton and K.
Positioning in practice : Understanding participation in the social world
In this paper we explore the possibilities of building on the complementarities of practice and discourse, specifically community of practice and discursive positioning, as a way of developing
The application of policy for cultural clustering: Current practice in Scotland
Abstract The arts and cultural sectors have been used by many cities in recent decades to bring about effects such as economic diversification, image enhancement, and increased social cohesion. In
The Cruise Industry and Port City Regeneration: The Case of Valletta
Port cities in the Mediterranean and elsewhere are increasingly seeking to encourage tourism-related development, and the cruise industry is a significant potential source of revenue for such cities.
Promoting Image and Identity in ‘Cultural Quarters’: the Case of Dundee
Many cities in recent decades have encouraged the arts and cultural sectors as a means of achieving regeneration outcomes. Such strategies have been followed particularly by cities with perceived
Cultural quarters and regeneration: The case of Wolverhampton
In recent decades, cities throughout the UK have increasingly looked to culturerelated uses to help bring about regeneration outcomes (Landry et al., 1996). The UK Government has also taken a