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A laboratory study of four electric pulp testers.
Summary. Four commercially available, battery operated, unipolar electric pulp testers were tested and compared under identical laboratory conditions. The form and duration of the electrical impulsesExpand
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Newborn-infant heater.
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Silver-Metal Oxide Contact Materials Fabricated by Spray Coprecipitation
This paper describes the development of a highly versatile technique for fabricating improved silver-metal oxide contact materials. The spray coprecipitation method, invented at The Allen ClarkExpand
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The Characterisation of Novel PWB Substrate Materials for Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier Attachment
The problems associated with the direct attachment of leadless ceramic chip carriers (LCCCs) to conventional PWB structures subjected to ambient thermal and power (on/off) cycling are now widelyExpand
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Portable diathermy powermaster.
Thermal Management Evaluation of Large Size Thick Film Hybrids
Successive over‐relaxation methods have been applied to solutions of Poisson's equation for temperature distribution analysis of a number of metal reinforced and metal cored thick film substrateExpand
An IR simulator for the undergraduate physical chemistry course
A Fortran IV program that enhances the presentation of the recording and analysis of rotation-vibration spectra of simple molecules in the gas phase and makes it possible for those institutionsExpand
HTM8 equipment evaluation report and test sheet.
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Atomic absorption spectrophotometric methods for the determination of phosphorous and silicon in steel
Several methods for the determination of phosphorus in steel by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry (GFAA) have been put forth in the literature. The most promising of theseExpand