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Modular organization of genes required for complex polyketide biosynthesis.
In Saccharopolyspora erythraea, the genes that govern synthesis of the polyketide portion of the macrolide antibiotic erythromycin are organized in six repeated units that encode fatty acid synthaseExpand
Dentin biomodification: strategies, renewable resources and clinical applications.
This review provides an overview of key dentin matrix components, targeting effects of biomodification strategies, the chemistry of renewable natural sources, and current research on their potential clinical applications. Expand
A colorimetric microassay for the detection of agents that interact with DNA.
The feasibility of using the assay for detecting DNA-active compounds in fermentation extracts was assessed, and the activities of reference compounds in the methyl green assay and an ethidium bromide displacement method were compared. Expand
Universal quantitative NMR analysis of complex natural samples.
qNMR has become the method of choice for metabolomic studies and quality control of complex natural samples such as foods, plants or herbal remedies, and biofluids and has increased considerably. Expand
Enterococcus faecalis multi-drug resistance transporters: application for antibiotic discovery.
This work constructed specific strains, disrupted in a variety of previously unpublished, putative MDR transporter genes, as tools to improve the success of whole-cell antimicrobial screening and discovery. Expand
Microbial genomics as a guide to drug discovery and structural elucidation: ECO-02301, a novel antifungal agent, as an example.
This work exemplifies not only the discovery of novel antibiotics from well-characterized organisms but also the utility of genomics as a further tool, complementary to spectroscopy, to enable rapid determination of complex structures. Expand
Can Invalid Bioactives Undermine Natural Product-Based Drug Discovery?
Cumulative distributions of ∼200,000 NPs uncovered that NP research follows power-law characteristics typical for behavioral phenomena, which produces the hyperbolic black hole of NPs, where IMPs populate the high-effort base. Expand
Dentin Biomodification Potential Depends on Polyphenol Source
Findings provide clear evidence that the dentin bioactivities of PACs are source dependent, resulting from a combination of concentration and specific chemical constitution of the complex PAC mixtures. Expand
The Cyclic Peptide Ecumicin Targeting ClpC1 Is Active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis In Vivo
Genome mining of lab-generated, spontaneous ecumicin-resistant M. tuberculosis strains identified the ClpC1 ATPase complex as the putative target, and this was confirmed by a drug affinity response test, and ecumICin may serve as a lead compound for anti-TB drug development. Expand
Discovery and characterization of the tuberculosis drug lead ecumicin.
Determination of absolute configuration and unambiguous structural confirmation were carried out by X-ray crystallography and Marfey's analysis and the resulting two possible planar structures were distinguished by LC-MS. Expand