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Beauty and Revolution in Science
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The Evidential Significance of Thought Experiment in Science
Abstract The most promising way to regard thought experiment is as a species of experiment, alongside concrete experiment. Of the authors who take this view, many portray thought experiment asExpand
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Phenomena and Patterns in Data Sets
Bogen and Woodward claim that the function of scientific theories is to account for 'phenomena', which they describe both as investigator-independent constituents of the world and as corresponding toExpand
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Model Selection and the Multiplicity of Patterns in Empirical Data
Several quantitative techniques for choosing among data models are available. Among these are techniques based on algorithmic information theory, minimum description length theory, and the AkaikeExpand
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The Composite Species Concept: A Rigorous Basis for Cladistic Practice
As previous work has shown, the genealogical network can be partitioned exhaustively into internodons, mutually exclusive and historically continuous entities delimited between two successiveExpand
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The Future of the sciences and humanities : four analytical essays and a critical debate on the future of scholastic endeavour
Ter gelegenheid van haar 250-jarig bestaan organiseerde de Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (opgericht in 1752) in 2001 een Prijsvraag met als onderwerp The Future of the Sciences andExpand
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Mathematical Beauty and the Evolution of the Standards of Mathematical Proof
an important part in the subjective experience and enjoyment of doing mathematics. Some mathematicians claim also that beauty acts as a guide in making mathematical discoveries and that beauty is anExpand
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The composite species concept
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The Ontology of Patterns in Empirical Data
This article defends the following claims. First, for patterns exhibited in empirical data, there is no criterion on which to demarcate patterns that are physically significant and patterns that areExpand
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Competition Among Scientific Disciplines in Cold Nuclear Fusion Research
In the controversy in 1989 over the reported achievement of cold nuclear fusion, parts of the physics and chemistry communities were opposed in both a theoretic and a professional competition.Expand
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