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Special relativity may account for the spacecraft flyby anomalies
The empirical formula proposed by J. D. Anderson et al. [1] to reproduce the data on the Earth flyby anomalies is derived from special relativity (SR). The transverse Doppler shift together with theExpand
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Possible evidence from laboratory measurements for a latitude and longitude dependence of G
Stability arguments suggest that the Kaluza-Klein (KK) internal scalar field, $\Phi$, should be coupled to some external fields. An external bulk real scalar field, $\psi$, minimally coupled toExpand
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A Five-dimensional model of varying effective gravitational and fine structure constants
We explore the possibility that the reported time variation of the fine structure constant α is due to a coupling between electromagnetism and gravitation. We predict such a coupling from a veryExpand
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General relativity and quintessence explain the Pioneer anomaly
The anomalous time depending blueshift, the so-called "Pioneer anomaly", that was detected in the radio-metric data from Pioneer 10/11, Ulysses and Galileo spacecraft may not result from a realExpand
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Nonlinear electrodynamics and the Pioneer 10/11 spacecraft anomaly
The occurrence of the phenomenon known as photon acceleration is a natural prediction of nonlinear electrodynamics (NLED). This would appear as an anomalous frequency shift in any modelization of theExpand
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Derivation of conditions for a Brans-Dicke coupling constant of order unity be consistent with solar system bounds
We provide proofs of some assumptions recently made by F. O. Minotti to conclude on the possibility that an additional scalar field minimally coupled to gravity may help to reconcile a Brans-DickeExpand
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Quantum Fluctuations Contribution to the Random Walk of a Single Molecule and New Estimate of the Planck Constant
It is shown, by considering the case of the harmonic oscillator, that quantum fluctuations may be the most significant contribution to the random walk of a single molecule. From this point, theExpand
General relativity and the U(1) gauge group
We show that gravity together with curved spacetime can emerge, at the microscopic scale, from a U(1) gauge field. The gauge boson that carries gravity, of elementary particles, is proved to be aExpand