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Ion-Solid Interactions: Fundamentals and Applications
1. General features and fundamental concepts 2. Interatomic potentials 3. Dynamics of binary elastic collisions 4. Cross-section 5. Ion stopping 6. Ion range and range distribution 7. RadiationExpand
Ion Implantation and Synthesis of Materials
ION IMPLANTATION AND SYNTHESIS OF MATERIALS REPRINT PDF Are you looking for ion implantation and synthesis of materials reprint Books? Now, you will be happy that at this time ion implantation andExpand
Fundamentals of Nanoscale Film Analysis
An Overview: Concepts, Units, and the Bohr Atom.- Atomic Collisions and Backscattering Spectrometry.- Energy Loss of Light Ions and Backscattering Depth Profiles.- Sputter Depth Profiles andExpand
Ion Beam Handbook for Material Analysis
Ion Beam Handbook for Material Analysis emerged from the U.S.-Italy Seminar on Ion Beam Analysis of Near Surface Regions held at the Baia-Verde Hotel, Catania, June 17-20, 1974. The seminar wasExpand
Materials Analysis by Ion Channeling: Submicron Crystallography
Preface. Acknowledgments. Glossary of Symbols. Introduction. Interaction of Ion Beams with Surfaces. Channeling within the Crystal. Particle Distributions within the Channel. Dechanneling by Defects.Expand
Substrate‐orientation dependence of the epitaxial regrowth rate from Si‐implanted amorphous Si
Amorphous layers, approximately 4000 A thick, were formed on single‐crystal Si samples by implantation of 28Si ions at LN2 substrate temperature. Channeling‐effect measurements with MeV 4He ions wereExpand
Ion solid interactions