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Heterosporis finki, a microsporidian parasite of the angel fish Pterophyllum scalare: pathology and ultrastructure.
Les signes cliniques et l'ultrastructures ont ete etudies chez P. s. (juveniles et adultes) infestes par H. f.
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Pleistophora mirandellae Vaney & Conte, 1901, a microsporidian parasite in cyprinid fish of rivers in Herault: taxonomy and histopathology
. Cyprinid fish from the Lergue and Lez rivers in Herault, southern France, were found to be parasitized by the microsporidian Pleistophora mirandellae Vaney & Conte, 1901. The parasite was foundExpand
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Infection and pathological alterations within the acanthocephalan Acanthocephaloides propinquus attributable to the microsporidian hyperparasite Microsporidium acanthocephali.
L'infection dans des populations naturelles de A.p. presentes dans 2 gobies (G. niger et Z. ophiocephalus) et les alterations pathologiques dues au developpement des microporidies M.a. dans leExpand
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[Preliminary observations of two microsporidian hyperparasites of Acanthocephala in marine and lagoon fishes].
Microsporidium acanthocephali n. sp. and Microsporidium propinqui n. sp. are two microsporidian species hyperparasitic in the tegumentary syncytium of salt-water fishes. Their ultrastructural studyExpand