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Effects of Attention on Orientation-Tuning Functions of Single Neurons in Macaque Cortical Area V4
We examined how attention affected the orientation tuning of 262 isolated neurons in extrastriate area V4 and 135 neurons in area V1 of two rhesus monkeys. The animals were trained to perform aExpand
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Attention improves performance primarily by reducing interneuronal correlations
Visual attention can improve behavioral performance by allowing observers to focus on the important information in a complex scene. Attention also typically increases the firing rates of corticalExpand
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How parallel are the primate visual pathways?
The visual system, like all sensory systems, contains parallel pathways (see Stone 1 983). Recently, m uch emphasis has been placed on the relationship between two subcortical and two corticalExpand
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Different Origins of Gamma Rhythm and High-Gamma Activity in Macaque Visual Cortex
High-gamma (80–200 Hz) activity can be dissociated from gamma rhythms in the monkey cortex, and appears largely to reflect spiking activity in the vicinity of the electrode.
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The middle temporal visual area in the macaque: Myeloarchitecture, connections, functional properties and topographic organization
The location, topographic organization, and function of the middle temporal visual area (MT) in the macaque monkey was studied using anatomical and physiological techniques. MT is a small,Expand
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Effects of spatial attention on contrast response functions in macaque area V4.
Previous single-unit studies of visual cortex have reported that spatial attention modulates responses to different orientations and directions proportionally, such that it does not change the widthExpand
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Feature-based attention in visual cortex
Although most studies of visual attention have examined the effects of shifting attention between different locations in the visual field, attention can also be directed to particular visualExpand
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Hierarchical organization and functional streams in the visual cortex
Abstract In the macaque monkey, a dozen distinct visual areas have been identified in the cerebral cortex. These areas can be arranged in a well-defined hierarchy on the basis of their pattern ofExpand
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Differences in Gamma Frequencies across Visual Cortex Restrict Their Possible Use in Computation
Neuronal oscillations in the gamma band (30-80 Hz) have been suggested to play a central role in feature binding or establishing channels for neural communication. For these functions, the gammaExpand
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The projections from striate cortex (V1) to areas V2 and V3 in the macaque monkey: Asymmetries, areal boundaries, and patchy connections
The organization of projections from V1 to areas V2 and V3 in the macaque monkey was studied with a combination of anatomical tecniques, including lesions and tracer injections made in differentExpand
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