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Spectral analysis of strongly enhanced visible light transmission through single C-shaped nanoapertures
We designed, fabricated, and characterized single C-shaped apertures in an Au film, resonant in the visible regime. Our C-shaped apertures showed transmission enhancement of 13–22 times over a squareExpand
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The long-range entropic forces that arise between two micrometer-sized colloidal spheres in a fluid of much smaller colloidal spheres were directly measured using a line-scanned optical tweezer. ThisExpand
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C-shaped nanoaperture-enhanced germanium photodetector.
We present a C-shaped nanoaperture-enhanced Ge photodetector that shows 2-5 times the photocurrent enhancement over that from a square aperture of the same area at 1310 nm wavelength. We demonstrateExpand
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Electromagnetic phenomena in advanced photomasks
The adoption of resolution enhancement techniques (RET) for subwavelength lithography relies on performing accurate simulation of mask effects. Although topography effects have been successfully usedExpand
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Fractal extensions of near-field aperture shapes for enhanced transmission and resolution.
Families of fractals are investigated as near-field aperture shapes. They are shown to have multiple transmission resonances associated with their multiple length scales. The higher iterationsExpand
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A C-shaped nanoaperture vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser for high-density near-field optical data storage
We designed and demonstrated a unique C-shaped nanoaperture (C-aperture) Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser with an estimated maximum net power of 113 μW coming from a 70nm C-aperture. SimulationExpand
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High-intensity C-shaped nanoaperture vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with controlled polarization
The authors designed and demonstrated a C-shaped nanoaperture (C aperture) vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) with a maximum far-field power of 157μW coming from a 70nm C aperture.Expand
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C-shaped Nano-Aperture-Enhanced Germanium Photodetector
We present a C-shaped nano-aperture-enhanced Ge photodetector that shows 2~5 times photocurrent enhancement over that from a square aperture of the same area at 1310 nm. We demonstrate theExpand
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Telepresence and telerobotics
The capability for a single operator to simultaneously control complex remote multi degree of freedom robotic arms and associated dextrous end effectors is being developed. An optimal solution withinExpand
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