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Variation in wood properties of six natural acacia hybrid clones in northern Vietnam
Wood properties of six 8-year-old natural acacia hybrid clones between Acacia mangium and Acacia auriculiformis, planted in Bavi, Vietnam, were studied. The hybrid clones possessed obvious heterosisExpand
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Effect of wood properties on within-tree variation in ultrasonic wave velocity in softwood.
The radial variations in the velocity of longitudinal waves propagating through Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress were experimentally investigated. In addition, the tracheid length (TL),Expand
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Optimal conditions for visualizing water-conducting pathways in a living tree by the dye injection method.
To elucidate the water-conducting pathways in living trees by the dye injection method, suitable sample preparation procedures are needed. We evaluated quantitatively the properties andExpand
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Possibility of improvement in fundamental properties of wood of acacia hybrids by artificial hybridization
Growth, specific gravity, and wood fiber length of Acacia mangium, Acacia auriculiformis, artificial acacia hybrid clones, and combinations, which were planted in a trial forest in Bavi, Vietnam, inExpand
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Xylem water-conducting patterns of 34 broadleaved evergreen trees in southern Japan
A dye injection method was used to elucidate the xylem water-conducting pathways of 34 broadleaved evergreen trees growing in southern Japan: two semi-ring-porous, 26 diffuse-porous, fiveExpand
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Conducting pathways in north temperate deciduous broadleaved trees
The interspecific variation of dye ascent in the stems of 44 broadleaved deciduous species growing in Japan was studied using freeze-dried samples after dye injection. The dye ascending patternExpand
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Shrinkage of tracheid cells with desorption visualized by confocal laser scanning microscopy
Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) was applied as a new method of visualizing the shrinkage of wood and its anisotropy. Control of relative humidity and temperature in a specializedExpand
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Nondestructive evaluation of bending strength of wood with artificial holes by employing air-coupled ultrasonics
Abstract To evaluate the bending strength of wood bar specimens of Japanese cypress and Japanese cedar, the velocities of air-coupled ultrasonic waves propagated through the radial and tangentialExpand
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