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Characterization of a B. subtilis minor isoleucine tRNA deduced from tDNA having a methionine anticodon CAT.
Bacillus subtilis, which belongs to Gram-positive eubacteria, has been predicted to have a minor isoleucine tRNA transcribed from the gene possessing the CAT anticodon, which corresponds toExpand
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Effect of B. subtilis TRNA(Trp) on readthrough rate at an opal UGA codon.
Bacillus subtilis has been thought to have a high readthrough rate at the UGA stop codon because no opal suppressor tRNA has been isolated so far [Lovett et al. (1991) J. Bacteriol. 173, 1810-1812].Expand
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Bacillus subtilis tRNA(Pro) with the anticodon mo5UGG can recognize the codon CCC.
In Bacillus subtilis, four codons, CCU, CCC, CCA, and CCG, are used for proline. There exists, however, only one proline-specific tRNA having the anticodon mo(5)UGG. Here, we found that thisExpand
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Modification of the anticodon triplet of E.coli tRNAMetf by replacement with trimers complementary to non-sense codons UAG and UAA.
E. coli tRNAMetf was hydrolyzed with RNase A using a limited amount of the enzyme to give two half molecules lacking the anticodon trimer and 3'-terminal dimer. Chemically synthesized trimers CUApExpand
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Modification of the amino acid acceptor stem of E. coli tRNAf Met by ligation of chemically synthesized ribooligonucleotides
The single‐stranged region of the amino acid acceptor stem corresponding to the 3'‐end of E. coli tRNAMet f was replaced by ligation of chemically synthesized ribooligonucleotides, in order to changeExpand
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Replacement and insertion of nucleotides at the anticodon loop of E. coli tRNAMetf by ligation of chemically synthesized ribooligonucleotides.
Insertion of the four major nucleotides at the 5'-side of the anticodon triplet of E. coli tRNAMetf was performed by joining of the half molecules obtained by limited digestion with RNase A and theExpand
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ST2 gene products critically contribute to cellular transformation caused by an oncogenic Ras mutant
The ST2 gene was originally identified as a primary responsive gene, and the expressions of its gene products are induced by stimulation with growth factors and by oncogenic stresses. In this study,Expand
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Nucleotide sequences of serine tRNAs from Bacillus subtilis.
Three B. subitilis serine tRNAs were sequenced including modified nucleosides. All the serine tRNAs contained 1-methyl-adenosine in the D-loop. As other characteristic modified nucleosides,Expand
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Biochemical properties of Caenorhabditis elegans HMG-5, a regulator of mitochondrial DNA.
Caenorhabditis elegans HMG-5, which is encoded by F45E4.9, contains two high mobility group (HMG) box domains and shows sequence similarity with mammalian mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM).Expand
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tRNA1Ser(G34) with the anticodon GGA can recognize not only UCC and UCU codons but also UCA and UCG codons.
The tRNA1Ser (anticodon VGA, V=uridin-5-oxyacetic acid) is essential for translation of the UCA codon in Escherichia coli. Here, we studied the translational abilities of serine tRNA derivatives,Expand
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