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Buoyancy effects in a wind tunnel simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer
The effect of buoyancy on the characteristics of boundary layers developing on smooth and rough plates has been investigated experimentally. The results are compared with atmospheric surface layerExpand
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New apparatus for thermal diffusivity measurements of refractory solid materials by the periodic stationary method
An apparatus for the thermal diffusivity measurement of refractory solids at high temperatures (800–1800 K) by the periodic stationary method is presented. A cylindrical geometry for the sample hasExpand
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Determination of the excess thermodynamic functions in ternary Cs2O-SiO2-Na2O melts by Knudsen effusion mass spectrometry
The enthalpy and the free enthalpy of formation of the melts in the system Cs 2 O-SiO 2 -Na 2 O are measured by mass spectrometry coupled with a Knudsen effusion cell. The measurements are performedExpand
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Measurements in a wall jet over a convex surface
A plane wall jet over a convex surface with constant radius is studied experimentally. Classical and intermittent properties of the flow are analyzed. The distribution of the Reynolds shear stress isExpand
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A model for the analysis of enthalpies and entropies of liquid binary alloys
Abstract The automatic treatment of calculations of chemical equilibrium in homogeneous phases requires analytical representation of the enthalpies and entropies of mixing of the components;Expand
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