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Biodiversity in a forest-agriculture mosaic – The changing face of West African rainforests
Abstract The biodiversity of West African rainforests is globally significant but poorly described, little understood in terms of its functional significance, and under threat from forest loss andExpand
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NOTICING: Roots and Branches
Starting with roots of the idea of noticing as a potentially intentional rather than haphazard act, I first outline aspects of what I call The Discipline of Noticing (Mason 1984, Mason 2002). CentralExpand
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Student-Generated Examples in the Learning of Mathematics
AbstractExamples, illustrations, occurrences, and instances play a central role in the learning of mathematics. Deliberately getting students to generate examples is a particularly powerful tool inExpand
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Community Health and Nutrition Programs
This chapter focuses on large-scale (national or state) programs. Although these programs are primarily initiated and run at the local level links with the national level and levels in between areExpand
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Mathematics Teaching Practice: Guide for University and College Lecturers
  • J. Mason
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 1 September 2002
This book offers hundreds of suggestions for making small and medium sized changes for mathematics teaching in a modern technological environment, directed to teachers who are unhappy with results or experience. Expand
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PCK and Beyond
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SpeechDat Cymru: A Large-scale Welsh Telephony Database
We describe the collection of SpeechDat Cymru, a 2000-speaker speech recognition database for the Welsh language, recorded over the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Expand
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A preliminary analysis is offered of problems connected with the construal of images from and on screens, whether physical and dumb, like OHP screens, electronic and dumb like TV screens, physicalExpand
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Explicit and Implicit Pedagogy: variation theory as a case study
Variation theory, promoted by Ference Marton and colleagues (Marton and Booth 1997, Marton and Trigwell 2000, Marton and Tsui 2004, Marton and Pang 2006) and augmented by Watson and Mason (2002,Expand
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