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Elemental Analysis of Mycobacterium avium-, Mycobacterium tuberculosis-, and Mycobacterium smegmatis-Containing Phagosomes Indicates Pathogen-Induced Microenvironments within the Host Cell’s
Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium tuberculosis are human pathogens that infect and replicate within macrophages. Both organisms live in phagosomes that fail to fuse with lysosomes and haveExpand
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Quantifying trace elements in individual aquatic protist cells with a synchrotron X-ray fluorescence microprobe.
The study of trace metal cycling by aquatic protists is limited by current analytical techniques. Standard "bulk" element analysis techniques that rely on physical separations to concentrate cellsExpand
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X‐ray fluorescence microprobe imaging in biology and medicine
Characteristic X‐ray fluorescence is a technique that can be used to establish elemental concentrations for a large number of different chemical elements simultaneously in different locations in cellExpand
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Elemental and Redox Analysis of Single Bacterial Cells by X-ray Microbeam Analysis
High-energy x-ray fluorescence measurements were used to make elemental maps and qualitative chemical analyses of individual Pseudomonas fluorescens strain NCIMB 11764 cells. Marked differencesExpand
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Nanometer linear focusing of hard x rays by a multilayer Laue lens.
We report on a type of linear zone plate for nanometer-scale focusing of hard x rays, a multilayer Laue lens (MLL), produced by sectioning a multilayer and illuminating it in Laue diffractionExpand
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Labeling TiO2 nanoparticles with dyes for optical fluorescence microscopy and determination of TiO2-DNA nanoconjugate stability.
Visualization of nanoparticles without intrinsic optical fluorescence properties is a significant problem when performing intracellular studies. Such is the case with titanium dioxide (TiO2)Expand
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Elemental analysis of the Mycobacterium avium phagosome in Balb/c mouse macrophages.
Using a hard X-ray microprobe, we showed recently that in unstimulated peritoneal macrophages from C57BL/6 mice, the phagosome of pathogenic mycobacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis and MycobacteriumExpand
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Nonequilibrium structural dynamics of nanoparticles in LiNi(1/2)Mn(3/2)O4 cathode under operando conditions.
We study nonequilibrium structural dynamics in LiNi1/2Mn3/2O4 spinel cathode material during fast charge/discharge under operando conditions using coherent X-rays. Our in situ measurements reveal aExpand
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Nanoparticles for Applications in Cellular Imaging
In the following review we discuss several types of nanoparticles (such as TiO2, quantum dots, and gold nanoparticles) and their impact on the ability to image biological components in fixed cells.Expand
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A hard X-ray nanoprobe beamline for nanoscale microscopy
The Hard X-ray Nanoprobe Beamline is a precision platform for scanning probe and full-field microscopy with 3–30 keV X-rays. A combination of high-stability X-ray optics and precision motion sensingExpand
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