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Monitoring groundwater nitrate attenuation in a regional system coupling hydrogeology with multi-isotopic methods: The case of Plana de Vic (Osona, Spain)
Abstract This paper describes an integrated application of classical hydrogeological methods and multi-isotopic methods (δ15N, δ O N O 3 18 , δ34S, δ O S O 4 18 , δ13C) to assess the fate ofExpand
Hydrochemical and isotopical evidence of ground water salinization processes on the coastal plain of Samborombón Bay, Argentina.
summary Salinization in coastal areas of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a controlling factor of water quality, and limits its exploitation for human uses and local ecological values.Expand
Assessment by multivariate analysis of groundwater-surface water interactions in urbanized Mediterranean streams
Summary Streams in Mediterranean areas are characterized by a variable discharge regime with annual floods and droughts. Natural flow perturbations result in permanent and temporary rivers and, as aExpand
Field Tracer Tests on the Mobility of Natural Organic Matter in a Sandy Aquifer
The field-scale transport of natural organic matter (NOM) was examined in a two-well forced gradient injection experiment in a sandy, coastal plain aquifer in Georgetown, South Carolina. SpatialExpand
Groundwater resources and quality variations caused by gravel mining in coastal streams
Abstract We study the effects of gravel mining on the aquifer–river system in the Baix Fluvia area (NE Spain). Field data show that instream mining has caused a decline of the water-table head of theExpand
Towards the understanding of antibiotic occurrence and transport in groundwater: Findings from the Baix Fluvià alluvial aquifer (NE Catalonia, Spain).
Antibiotics are an increasing focus of interest due to their high detection frequency in the environment. However, their presence in water bodies is not regulated by environmental policies. ThisExpand
Nitrate pollution of groundwater; all right…, but nothing else?
Contamination from agricultural sources and, in particular, nitrate pollution, is one of the main concerns in groundwater management. However, this type of pollution entails the entrance of otherExpand
Regression model for aquifer vulnerability assessment of nitrate pollution in the Osona region (NE Spain)
Summary A multiple linear regression (MLR) model was developed for the Osona region (1260 km 2 , NE Spain) to determine aquifer vulnerability to nitrate pollution in groundwater. The MLR model wasExpand
Multi-isotopic study (15N, 34S, 18O, 13C) to identify processes affecting nitrate and sulfate in response to local and regional groundwater mixing in a large-scale flow system
The integrated use of hydrogeologic and multi-isotopic approaches (δ15N, δ18ONO3, δ34S, δ18OSO4 and δ13CHCO3) was applied in the Selva basin area (NE Spain) to characterize NO3- and SO42- sources andExpand
Interaction between continental and estuarine waters in the wetlands of the northern coastal plain of Samborombón Bay, Argentina
On the Samborombon Bay coastline, located in the Rio de la Plata estuary in Buenos Aires province (Argentina), a complex hydrological system has developed at the interface between continental andExpand