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60 GHz radio-over-fiber technologies for broadband wireless services [Invited]
This paper will report on the progress in broadband radio communication systems based on the utilization of advanced micorwave photonic components and radio-over-fiber technologies achieved in the IPHOBAC project. Expand
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Frequency transfer function of dispersive and nonlinear single-mode optical fibers in microwave optical systems
A closed expression of the frequency transfer function nonlinear single-mode optical fibers in microwave optical systems is provided. This expression takes into account both chromatic dispersion andExpand
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On the use of fiber-induced self-phase modulation to reduce chromatic dispersion effects in microwave/millimeter-wave optical systems
In this letter, a novel approach to compensate for the dispersion-induced power penalty in externally modulated 1550-nm analog fiber-optic systems is presented. The principle is based on the use ofExpand
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IST-LASAGNE: towards all-optical label swapping employing optical logic gates and optical flip-flops
The Information Society Technologies-all-optical LAbel SwApping employing optical logic Gates in NEtwork nodes (IST-LASAGNE) project aims at designing and implementing the first, modular, scalable,Expand
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Ultrafast all-optical switching in a silicon-nanocrystal-based silicon slot waveguide at telecom wavelengths.
We demonstrate experimentally all-optical switching on a silicon chip at telecom wavelengths. The switching device comprises a compact ring resonator formed by horizontal silicon slot waveguidesExpand
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Ultra-Wideband Radio Signals Distribution in FTTH Networks
The use of an ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technique is proposed as a viable solution for the distribution of high-definition audio/video content in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. The approachExpand
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High-speed modulation of a compact silicon ring resonator
We demonstrate high speed modulation based on a compact silicon ring resonator operating in depletion mode. Our device features an electrical small signal bandwidth of approximately 19 GHz, which isExpand
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Iterative solution to the Gel'Fand-Levitan-Marchenko coupled equations and application to synthesis of fiber gratings
In this paper, we develop an iterative solution to the coupled Gel'Fand-Levitan-Marchenko integral equations. It will be proved that this new technique outstands other methods such as the exact GLMExpand
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Single Bandpass Photonic Microwave Filter Based on a Notch Ring Resonator
A novel tunable single bandpass photonic microwave filter is proposed. It is based on optically filtering one of the sidebands of a phase-modulated optical carrier by means of the notch response of aExpand
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Experimental reduction of chromatic dispersion effects in lightwave microwave/millimetre-wave transmissions using tapered linearly chirped fibre gratings
It is demonstrated experimentally that the dramatic microwave-power degradation that appears in conventional 1550 nm lightwave amplitude modulated systems, due to chromatic dispersion, may beExpand
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