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Volatile composition of pomegranates from 9 Spanish cultivars using headspace solid phase microextraction.
Overall consumer liking of pomegranate juices was mainly associated with the presence of monoterpenes (α-terpineol); however, high aldehydes (trans-2-hexenal) concentrations were correlated with poor overall consumer liking.
Volatile composition and sensory quality of Spanish pomegranates (Punica granatum L.).
Fruits from the cultivar Mollar de Elche 2 were those most suited for juice processing because they had the highest total concentration of volatiles, which was related to high overall consumer liking, intense and acceptable fresh pomegranate odour and flavour, medium intensity of red colour and low sourness.
Total phenols and antioxidant capacity in 10 Moroccan pomegranate varieties.
Given the divergence observed on bioactive compounds concentrations and antioxidant activity among evaluated cultivars, the genotype factor should be considered as the most influencing factor in future breeding programs to enhance the synthesis of beneficialBioactive compounds.
The Sca2 Autotransporter Protein from Rickettsia conorii Is Sufficient To Mediate Adherence to and Invasion of Cultured Mammalian Cells
This work has shown that sca2 is transcribed and expressed in Rickettsia conorii and demonstrated that expression of Sca2 at the outer membrane of nonadherent, noninvasive E. coli is sufficient to mediate adherence to and invasion of a panel of mammalian cells, including endothelial cells.
Adherence to and Invasion of Host Cells by Spotted Fever Group Rickettsia Species
Current knowledge of the essential pathogenic processes of adherence to and invasion of host cells, efforts to disrupt these processes, and potential for disease prevention through vaccination with recently identified bacterial adherence and invasion proteins are described.
Differences in Intracellular Fate of Two Spotted Fever Group Rickettsia in Macrophage-Like Cells
A phenotypic difference between a non-pathogenic and a pathogenic SFG member lies in their respective ability to proliferate in macrophage-like cells, and may provide an explanation as to why certain SFG rickettsial species are not associated with disease in mammals.
Evaluation of Soil Nitrate as a Predictor of Nitrogen Requirement for Sugar Beet Grown in a Mediterranean Climate
Rational N fertilization is important to reduce environmental impact of fertilization and to increase profitability in crop production. An evaluation of preplant soil nitrate concentration in soil to
Host-Directed Antimicrobial Drugs with Broad-Spectrum Efficacy against Intracellular Bacterial Pathogens
A library of 640 Food and Drug Administration-approved compounds for agents that render THP-1 cells resistant to infection by four intracellular pathogens was screened, identifying several FDA-approved drugs that inhibit the growth of intrACEllular bacteria, thereby implicating host intrace cellular pathways presumably utilized by bacteria during infection.