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Analysis of organic fractions as indicators of soil quality under natural and cultivated systems
Soil organic matter (SOM) or carbon (SOC) is the most important component of the soil and it is composed of fractions with different lability. Particulate organic carbon (POC) and carbohydrates (CH),
A Comparative Study on the Effects of Millisecond- and Microsecond-Pulsed Electric Field Treatments on the Permeabilization and Extraction of Pigments from Chlorella vulgaris
The comparison of the efficacy of both types of pulses on the extraction enhancement just after the treatment and after a post-pulse incubation period seemed to indicate that PEF in the millisecond range created irreversible alterations while, in the microsecond range, the defects were a dynamic structure along the post-Pulse time that caused a subsequent increment in the extraction yield.
Influence of the treatment medium temperature on lutein extraction assisted by pulsed electric fields from Chlorella vulgaris
Identifying critical factors affecting the enhancement of bioproduct extraction from microalgae is necessary to establish PEF as a true option.
Inductively coupled probe for the measurement of partial discharges.
An inductively coupled probe able to measurepartial discharges by means of a very simple and inexpensive device that can be installed in the equipment under test and compared to that of commercial devices using both calibrated discharges and partial discharges occurring at real power.
Mexican blindcats genus Prietella (Siluriformes: Ictaluridae): an overview of recent explorations
This team visited over 50 sites, including all of the previously known sites possible, and explored many new sites, expanding the known range of Prietella and describing their habitat, and recommending threatened status.
C-phycocyanin extraction assisted by pulsed electric field from Artrosphira platensis.
PEF's potential for selectively extraction C-phycocyanin from fresh A. platensis biomass was demonstrated and the purity of the C-physiological extract obtained from the electroporated cells was higher than that obtained using other techniques based on the cell complete destruction.
Pulsed electric field-assisted extraction of valuable compounds from microorganisms.
The recent discovery of the triggering effect of enzymatic activity during cell incubation after electroporation opens up the possibility of new implementations of PEF for the recovery of compounds that are bounded or assembled in structures.
Sensitivity of different soil quality indicators to assess sustainable land management: Influence of site features and seasonality
Abstract The turnover rate of labile organic fractions varies continuously due to different soil uses and managements, weather conditions and sampling time. The aim of this study was to quantify the
Post-Weaning Cranial Growth in Shrew Opossums (Caenolestidae): A Comparison with Bandicoots (Peramelidae) and Carnivorous Marsupials
The patterns of development and skull ontogeny in caenolestids have been poorly studied, resulting in a limited knowledge. In this work, we report and compare the allometric growth trends of 15
Although self-thinning is the natural mechanism of reduction in tree density as the size of trees increase, the low growth rate leads these forests to an almost permanent state of stagnation in which most of the gross primary production is invested in respiration leading to a very low net primary production (NPP).