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The GALAH survey: observational overview and Gaia DR1 companion
The Galactic Archaeology with HERMES (GALAH) Survey is a massive observational project to trace the Milky Way's history of star formation, chemical enrichment, stellar migration and minor mergers.Expand
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Persistence of aquatic refugia between flow pulses in a dryland river system (Cooper Creek, Australia)
In many dryland rivers with intermittent flow, relatively deep segments of the river channel serve as refugia for aquatic life during protracted intervals between flows. Semipermanent channelExpand
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When the river runs dry: human and ecological values of dry riverbeds
Temporary rivers and streams that naturally cease to flow and dry up can be found on every continent. Many other water courses that were once perennial now also have temporary flow regimes due to theExpand
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sparr: Analyzing Spatial Relative Risk Using Fixed and Adaptive Kernel Density Estimation in R
R package sparr is introduced, providing the ability to construct both fixed and adaptive kernel-smoothed densities and risk functions, identify statistically significant fluctuations in an estimated risk function through the use of asymptotic tolerance contours, and visualize these objects in flexible and attractive ways. Expand
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Response of stream macroinvertebrates to changes in salinity and the development of a salinity index
Many streams and wetlands have been affected by increasing salinity, leading to significant changes in flora and fauna. The study investigates relationships between macroinvertebrate taxa andExpand
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Extreme Genetic Structure in a Small-Bodied Freshwater Fish, the Purple Spotted Gudgeon, Mogurnda adspersa (Eleotridae)
Freshwater fish are a group that is especially susceptible to biodiversity loss as they often exist naturally in small, fragmented populations that are vulnerable to habitat degradation, pollutionExpand
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Spatial and temporal variation in algal-assemblage structure in isolated dryland river waterholes, Cooper Creek and Warrego River, Australia
The scale at which algal biodiversity is partitioned across the landscape, and the biophysical processes and biotic interactions which shape these communities in dryland river refugia was studied onExpand
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Assessing the ecological health of rivers when they are dry
Abstract Rivers and streams that dry up are found on every continent, and can form a large proportion of river networks. When rivers are dry, traditional indicators of river health – such as aquaticExpand
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High gene flow and metapopulation dynamics detected for three species in a dryland river system
Summary 1. The highly variable hydrology of dryland rivers has important implications for population dynamics in these systems. In western Queensland, fluctuations in sub-population size areExpand
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