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Introduction to mechanics and symmetry
Note: A basic exposition of classical mechanical systems; 2nd edition Reference CAG-BOOK-2008-008 Record created on 2008-11-21, modified on 2017-09-27
Discrete mechanics and variational integrators
This paper gives a review of integration algorithms for finite dimensional mechanical systems that are based on discrete variational principles. The variational technique gives a unified treatment of
Mathematical foundations of elasticity
[Preface] This book treats parts of the mathematical foundations of three-dimensional elasticity using modern differential geometry and functional analysis. It is intended for mathematicians,
Manifolds, Tensor Analysis, and Applications
The purpose of this book is to provide core material in nonlinear analysis for mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and mathematical biologists. The main goal is to provide a working knowledge of
Groups of diffeomorphisms and the motion of an incompressible fluid
In this paper we are concerned with the manifold structure of certain groups of diffeomorphisms, and with the use of this structure to obtain sharp existence and uniqueness theorems for the classical
Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry: A Basic Exposition of Classical Mechanical Systems
This second edition has been rewritten and updated for clarity throughout, with a major revamping and expansion of the exercises.
Nonholonomic mechanical systems with symmetry
This work develops the geometry and dynamics of mechanical systems with nonholonomic constraints and symmetry from the perspective of Lagrangian mechanics and with a view to control-theoretical
The Euler–Poincaré Equations and Semidirect Products with Applications to Continuum Theories
We study Euler–Poincare systems (i.e., the Lagrangian analogue of Lie–Poisson Hamiltonian systems) defined on semidirect product Lie algebras. We first give a derivation of the Euler–Poincare