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Ecological impacts of invasive alien plants: a meta-analysis of their effects on species, communities and ecosystems.
Biological invasions cause ecological and economic impacts across the globe. However, it is unclear whether there are strong patterns in terms of their major effects, how the vulnerability ofExpand
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A biogeographical approach to plant invasions: the importance of studying exotics in their introduced and native range
Summary 1 Most theory and empirical research on exotic invasions is based on the assumption that problematic exotics are much more abundant in the regions where they invade than in the regionsExpand
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Exotic plants often face different conditions from those experienced where they are native. The general issue of how exotics respond to unfamiliar environments within their new range is not wellExpand
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Biotic interactions and plant invasions.
Introduced plant populations lose interactions with enemies, mutualists and competitors from their native ranges, and gain interactions with new species, under new abiotic conditions. From aExpand
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When do herbivores affect plant invasion? Evidence for the natural enemies and biotic resistance hypotheses
Two venerable hypotheses, widely cited as explanations for either the success or failure of introduced species in recipient communities, are the natural enemies hypothesis and the biotic resistanceExpand
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Herbivory: effects on plant abundance, distribution and population growth
  • J. Maron, E. Crone
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  • Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological…
  • 22 October 2006
Plants are attacked by many different consumers. A critical question is how often, and under what conditions, common reductions in growth, fecundity or even survival that occur due to herbivoryExpand
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Soil fungal pathogens and the relationship between plant diversity and productivity.
One robust result from many small-scale experiments has been that plant community productivity often increases with increasing plant diversity. Most frequently, resource-based or competitiveExpand
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Coastal marine ecosystems worldwide are being altered rapidly by the invasion of nonindigenous species. Unlike terrestrial and freshwater systems, the impacts of an invading species have never beenExpand
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A native nitrogen-fixing shrub facilitates weed invasion
Invasions by exotic weedy plants frequently occur in highly disturbed or otherwise anthropogenically altered habitats. Here we present evidence that, within California coastal prairie, invasion alsoExpand
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Common garden comparisons of native and introduced plant populations: latitudinal clines can obscure evolutionary inferences
Common garden studies are increasingly used to identify differences in phenotypic traits between native and introduced genotypes, often ignoring sources of among‐population variation within eachExpand
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