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The French language database: Defining, planning, and recording a large database
A database of spoken French sounds is described with the methodology of the way in which it was built up (speaker selection, recording conditions, computer control of data acquisition,...). The baseExpand
The translanguage English database (TED)
A sealed, double valve assembly mounted on a vehicle body is connected to a source of pressurized air and controls the air pressure delivered to two auxiliary systems connected to it. The firstExpand
Natural Interaction with Robots, Knowbots and Smartphones, Putting Spoken Dialog Systems into Practice
These proceedings presents the state-of-the-art in spoken dialog systems with applications in robotics, knowledge access and communication, and addressed specifically Dialog for interacting with smartphones, Mediated dialog, and Dialog quality evaluation. Expand
The LRE Map. Harmonising Community Descriptions of Resources
The LRE Map is described, reporting statistics on resources associated with LREC2012 papers and providing comparisons with L REC2010 data, to help broadening the notion of “language resources” and attract to the field neighboring disciplines that so far have been only marginally involved by the standard notion of language resources. Expand
Rediscovering 15 Years of Discoveries in Language Resources and Evaluation: The LREC Anthology Analysis
This paper aims at analyzing the content of the LREC conferences contained in the ELRA Anthology over the past 15 years, and conducts an analysis of the evolution of the research topics within the community over time. Expand
The aupelf-uref evaluation- based language engineering actions and related projects
Crystals are derived from a solution of a crystallizable compound by a thermal circulation system comprising upper and lower chambers, one chamber being under vacuum, the other under conditions otherExpand
The GRACE french part-of-speech tagging evaluation task
The GRACE evaluation program aims at applying the Evaluation Paradigm to the evaluation of Part-of-Speech taggers for French and its four main components (corpus building, tagging procedure, lexicon building, evaluation procedure), as well as its internal organization. Expand
Recent advances in speech processing
  • J. Mariani
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Acoustics, Speech…
  • 23 May 1989
The author introduces the methodological novelties that allowed for progress along three axes: from isolated-word recognition to continuous speech, from speaker-dependent recognition to speaker-independent, and from small vocabularies to large vocabULARies. Expand
Stochastically-Based Semantic Analysis
From the Publisher: Stochastically-Based Semantic Analysis investigates the problem of automatic natural language understanding in a spoken language dialog system. The focus is on the design of aExpand
Crowdsourcing for Language Resource Development: Criticisms About Amazon Mechanical Turk Overpowering Use
This article is a position paper about Amazon Mechanical Turk, the use of which has been steadily growing in language processing in the past few years, and proposes practical and organizational solutions in order to improve language resources development. Expand