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The decay-scattering system
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Statistical inference in non-commutative probability
SuntoUna teoria dell'inferenza statistica, applicabile tanto ai sistemi classici quanto a quelli quantistici, viene presentata prima in una forma originale basata sulle algebre di von Neumann, poi inExpand
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Relative coarse-graining
The problem of statistical inference based on a partial measurement (“coarse-graining”) requires the specification of an a priori distribution. We reformulate the ordinary theory such as to encompassExpand
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Exclusion process and droplet shape
We use a mathematical isomorphism between the one-dimensional exclusion process and the two-dimensional stochastic Ising model in the low-temperature limit to describe the typical instantaneous shapeExpand
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Electrochemically Directed Copolymerization of Pyrrole and Oligonucleotides
Abstract DNA matrices are prepared by electrochemically directed copolymerization of pyrrole-modified oligonucleotides and pyrrole.
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A microscopic derivation of the classical nucleation equation
The Becker-Doring equation of classical nucleation theory is derived in the framework of spin-flip dynamics of the Ising model. The derivation is based on a microscopic analysis of droplet geometryExpand
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Statistical Inference in Quantum Mechanics
This lecture is a brief account of a new theory of statistical inference which is applicable to classical and quantum physics and generalizes the concept of coarse-graining. The mathematical settingExpand
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A diffusion-anti-diffusion phase transition
Abstract We analyse a family of stochastic processes with are attractive at low and disperse at high temperature. Although the processes are non-linear, the existence of a finite critical temperatureExpand
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