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Immunoglobulin of T lymphoma cells is an integral membrane protein
IMMUNOGLOBULINS, predominantly 7S IgM molecules (molecular weight ∼ 200,000), are associated with the plasma membranes of lymphocytes1–3 and considerable evidence suggests that these proteinsExpand
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Tolerance to a Protein Antigen in a Poikilotherm, the Marine Toad Bufo marinus
IN spite of all the immunological studies which have been carried out with poikilothermic vertebrates, there have been no quantitative studies of the induction of tolerance to purified anitgens, yetExpand
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Partial characterisation of Ia antigens on murine thymocytes
GENES controlling specific immune responsiveness at the level of activation of the thymus derived (T) lymphocyte, and collaboration of these cells with lymphocytes derived from the bursal equivalentExpand
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