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Endotoxin exposure in early life alters the development of anxiety-like behaviour in the Fischer 344 rat
Previous research in the rat has demonstrated that neonatal exposure to bacterial endotoxin alters the level of anxiety-like behaviour displayed in adulthood. Currently, however, little is knownExpand
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Environmental Scanning : Acquisition and Use of Information by Managers
Information is central to every facet of managerial work. A large part of the manager’s information comes from or concerns the environment external to the organization. Managers use this informationExpand
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Assessment and intervention for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in the schools. Lessons from the MTA study.
The MTA experience provides several lessons that may have clinical relevance. First, the MTA study identified six key instruments (see Table 1) that clinicians may want to use, but even on theseExpand
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Absence of urinary opioid peptides in children with autism
Objective: It has been claimed for a number of years that the urine of children with autism contains exogenously derived opioid peptides. This finding is said to reflect a disturbance in theExpand
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References and Further Reading Origins and Early Development
usually viewed as a more plausible model. Outcomes for individuals, firms and governments tend to be seen as the effect of a struggle for power rather than of a quest for an optimum. OrganizationExpand
Report on village settlements in New Zealand
Conceptual Design of a Supersonic Air-launch System
To reduce the cost of payload to orbit, a conceptual design of a supersonic air-launch system for the Space Exploration Technologies Falcon 1 rocket was performed. Several design candidates wereExpand
QuantitativeDeterminationof ChiorpromazineMetabolitesin Urine
A simple, rapid, precise, and accurate method is described for the simultaneous and quantitative determination of conjugated and unconjugated chlorpromazine metabolites in urine. It depends onExpand