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EmoPlayer: A media player for video clips with affective annotations
The development of multimedia annotation technique provides the possibility to redesign the interfaces of widely used media players, and EmoPlayer is such a media player that can be used to playExpand
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An HCI method to improve the human performance reduced by local-lag mechanism
Local-lag mechanism can maintain consistency for replicated continuous applications, but with a tradeoff of adding delay to local operations. To relieve the negative effects of the delay, this paperExpand
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Three-Dimensional Computer Visualization of Forensic Pathology Data
Despite a decade of use in US courtrooms, it is only recently that forensic computer animations have become an increasingly important form of communication in legal spheres within the United Kingdom.Expand
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Visualising the scene: computer graphics and evidence presentation
In the UK forensic animations are becoming an increasingly important visual aid in courtroom situations, where complex data relating to a sequence of events is being visualised before a generalExpand
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General Practice Review
For general practitioners, as well as specialists, this department offers the latest, proved methods of treatment of conditions encountered in an average practice. It is not, of course, intended toExpand
Assessment of the movements in REM sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) patients during the rapid ocular movement in REM sleep
Introduction REM sleep behaviour disorder is characterized by the intermittent loss of REM sleep atonia and by the appearance of motor activity associated with dream mentation. Although theExpand
Determining the location of an impact site from bloodstain spatter patterns : computer-based analysis of estimate uncertainty
The estimation of the location in which an impact event took place from its resultant impact spatter bloodstain pattern can be a significant investigative issue in the reconstruction of a crimeExpand
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