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Freeze-in production of FIMP dark matter
We propose an alternate, calculable mechanism of dark matter genesis, “thermal freeze-in”, involving a Feebly Interacting Massive Particle (FIMP) interacting so feebly with the thermal bath that it
String Axiverse
String theory suggests the simultaneous presence of many ultralight axions, possibly populating each decade of mass down to the Hubble scale 10−33eV. Conversely the presence of such a plenitude of
Review of Particle Physics: Particle data group
This biennial Review summarizes much of particle physics. Using data from previous editions, plus 2658 new measurements from 644 papers, we list, evaluate, and average measured properties of gauge
AION: an atom interferometer observatory and network
We outline the experimental concept and key scientific capabilities of AION (Atom Interferometer Observatory and Network), a proposed UK-based experimental programme using cold strontium atoms to
Boosted objects: a probe of beyond the standard model physics
We present the report of the hadronic working group of the BOOST2010 workshop held at the University of Oxford in June 2010. The first part contains a review of the potential of hadronic decays of
Neutrino masses from large extra dimensions
Recently it was proposed that the standard model (SM) degrees of freedom reside on a (3 + 1)-dimensional wall or ''3-brane'' embedded in a higher-dimensional spacetime. Furthermore, in this picture
Stabilization of submillimeter dimensions: The New guise of the hierarchy problem
A new framework for solving the hierarchy problem was recently proposed which does not rely on low energy supersymmetry or technicolor. The fundamental Planck mass is at TeV and the observed weakness