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Understanding plant responses to drought - from genes to the whole plant.
Attention is drawn to the perception and signalling processes (chemical and hydraulic) of water deficits, which are essential for a holistic understanding of plant resistance to stress, which is needed to improve crop management and breeding techniques. Expand
How plants cope with water stress in the field. Photosynthesis and growth.
Differences among species that can be traced to different capacities for water acquisition, rather than to differences in metabolism at a given water status, are described. Expand
Deficit irrigation in grapevine improves water‐use efficiency while controlling vigour and production quality
It is shown that the amount of water applied by 50% in relation to full crop's evapotranspiration (ETc) (full irrigated (FI) vines) with no negative effects on production and even get some gains of quality (in the case of PRD), and growth inhibition in PRD was not a result of a hydraulic control. Expand
Sport sponsorship: The relationship between team loyalty, sponsorship awareness, attitude toward the sponsor, and purchase intentions
Sponsorship studies have generally been focused on attitudinal measures of fan loyalty to understand the reactions to abstract sponsors. This study examines the relationships between both attitudinalExpand
Data mining methods in the prediction of Dementia: A real-data comparison of the accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of linear discriminant analysis, logistic regression, neural networks, support
When taking into account sensitivity, specificity and overall classification accuracy Random Forests and Linear Discriminant analysis rank first among all the classifiers tested in prediction of dementia using several neuropsychological tests. Expand
Limitations to leaf photosynthesis in field-grown grapevine under drought - metabolic and modelling approaches.
Results presented in this study confirm that modelling photosynthetic responses based on gas-exchange data can be successfully used to predict metabolic limitations to photosynthesis. Expand
Control of stomatal aperture and carbon uptake by deficit irrigation in two grapevine cultivars
Abstract Improvements in water use efficiency of crops are essential under the scenarios of water scarcity predicted by global change models for the Mediterranean region. In recent years, deficitExpand
Validation of the Psychometric Properties of the Self-Compassion Scale. Testing the Factorial Validity and Factorial Invariance of the Measure among Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorder,
Findings support the generalizability of the two-factor model and show that both properties and interpretations of scores on self-compassion are equivalent across these population groups. Expand
Partial rootzone drying: effects on growth and fruit quality of field-grown grapevines (Vitis vinifera).
Water use efficiency was increased by about 80% in PRD and DI when compared with FI, as a result of almost similar yields in the three treatments, while yield gains of irrigated plants in relation to NI were modest. Expand
Photosynthetic acclimation of maize to growth under elevated levels of carbon dioxide
Data show that the C4 plant maize may benefit from elevated CO2 through acclimation in the capacities of certain photosynthetic enzymes, and the increased capacity to synthesize sucrose and starch, and to utilize these end-products of photosynthesis to produce extra energy by respiration, may contribute to the enhanced growth of maize under elevatedCO2. Expand