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The Political Economy of Democratic Decentralization
Nearly all countries worldwide are now experimenting with decentralization. Their motivation are diverse. Many countries are decentralizing because they believe this can help stimulate economicExpand
Democracy and Decentralisation in South Asia and West Africa: Participation, Accountability and Performance
1. Introduction 2. India (Karnataka) 3. Bangladesh 4. Cote d'Ivoire 5. Ghana 6. Conclusions.
User Committees: A Potentially Damaging Second Wave of Decentralisation?
Decentralisations in the 1980s transferred powers to multi-purpose local governments. In recent years, international donors and central governments are increasingly turning towards single-purposeExpand
Small-Time Political Fixers in India's States: "Towel over Armpit"
You are waiting at a bus stand in a very small town in South India to travel to the nearby district headquarters town. You overhear fragments of furtive conversation from within a group of womenExpand
Perspectives on Decentralization
A Precarious Enterprise? Multiple Antagonisms during Year One of the Modi Government
During its first year in power (2014–15), the government of Narendra Modi in India showed itself to be a precarious enterprise. The prime minister was beset by multiple antagonisms. He radicallyExpand
Democratic Decentralization in Africa and Asia
Summary This article summarizes recent research on one of the developmental fashions of our time - democratic decentralization. After discussing various definitions of ‘decentralization’, it surveysExpand