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SUMMARY A new monotypic genus of the fungal order Harpellales (Genistellaceae) has been found in three localities in the United States inhabitating the guts of mayfly nymphs, Ephemerella and Baetis.Expand
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Reproduction et sexualité des copépodes parasites de poissons
SummaryThe pygmy males of Chondracanthus angustatus are fixed on the genital segment of the female on two anterior-ventral tubercules. The genital system is formed by two dorsal testes, two broad vasExpand
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Nephridiophaga ormieresi n.sp., protiste parasite d'Aspidomorpha cincta, Fabricius 1781 (insecte coléoptère Chrysomelidae). Etude ultrastructurale
Description du cycle de cette nouvelle espece. La microscopie electronique revele: deux types de plasmodes, des divisions nucleaires du type cryptomitose, la genese de l'enveloppe sporale, l'absenceExpand
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A calcified fibroma in the common carp, Cyprinus carpio L.
. A large tegumental tumour was observed in a common carp from the pool of the Jardin des Plantes, Montpellier. The tumour was a fibroma characterized by centripetal fibrogenesis and intenseExpand
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L'Appareil Génital Male Et La Spermatogenèse D'Un Copépode Cyclopoïde Libre: Acanthocyclops (Mega-Cyclops) Viridis (Jurine, 1820) (Copepoda, Cyclopoïda)
The genital tract and the spermatogenesis of a free-living cyclopoid copepod, Acanthocyclops viridis, has been studied. The testis is simple and lies in the dorsal region of the cephalothorax, as inExpand
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[Observations on Nephridiophaga forficulae (Léger, 1909), a parasite of the Malphighian tubules of Forficula auricularia L].
L’etude du cycle evolutif de Nephridiophaga forficulae (Leger, 1909), inconnu jusqu’ici, permet de penser que l’infestation des tubes de Malpighi de Forficula auricularia L. s’effectue a partir deExpand
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[Infestation with Entomophthora sp. in Phlebotomus ariasi Tonnoir, 1921].
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