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Seasonal dynamics in leachate hydrochemistry and natural attenuation in surface run-off water from a tropical landfill.
Open waste dump systems are still widely used in Indonesia. The Jatibarang landfill receives 650-700 tons of municipal waste per day from the city of Semarang, Central Java. Some of the leachate fromExpand
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Microbial nitrogen transformation potential in surface run-off leachate from a tropical landfill.
Ammonium is one of the major toxic compounds and a critical long-term pollutant in landfill leachate. Leachate from the Jatibarang landfill in Semarang, Indonesia, contains ammonium in concentrationsExpand
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Comparisons of Curative Effects of Chlorophyll from Sauropus androgynus (L) Merr Leaf Extract and Cu-Chlorophyllin on Sodium Nitrate-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rats
Sodium nitrate (NaNO2) widely used as food additive for coloring and preserving meat has been reported to induce oxidative stress and cause histopathologic changes, nitrosative tissue damage, andExpand
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Hydrochemical Characterization of a Tropical, Coastal Aquifer Affected by Landfill Leachate and Seawater Intrusion
The hydrochemistry of landfill leachate and groundwater is affected by not only waste degradation processes, but also by external factors such as the geography of the landfilling site. Knowledge onExpand
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Pol iena adalah rantai karbon dengan ikatan rangkap dan tunggal yang saling berutan. PPP-MRD-CI mempredikasikan bahwa rantai-rantai pendek pol iena memiliki struktur energi dengan tingkatan 1A g - >Expand
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Merokok dan Oksidasi DNA
Cigarette smoke consists of a mix of chemical substances in the form of gases and dispersed particles. Recently, more than 4000 compounds presented in cigarette smoke have been isolated. Most ofExpand
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Transformasi Nitrogen secara Biologis di Air Panas Sarongsong Kota Tomohon
Nitrogen transformation is the alteration process of nitrogen compounds from one form to another occurred in the nature. The transformation can even occur in an extreme environment, such a hotExpand