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Path dependence in historical sociology
Cet article cherche a determiner a quels types d'evenements historiques s'applique l'analyse de path dependence. Selon l'A., il s'agit de sequences historiques au sein desquelles des evenementsExpand
A Theory of Gradual Institutional Change
Once created, institutions often change in subtle and gradual ways over time. Although less dramatic than abrupt and wholesale transformations, these slow and piecemeal changes can be equallyExpand
Path-Dependent Explanations of Regime Change: Central America in Comparative Perspective
This article explores the application of ideas about path dependence to the study of national political regime change. It first reviews the central components of pathdependent explanation, includingExpand
Comparative Historical Analysis in the Social Sciences
1. Comparative-historical analysis: achievements and agendas James Mahoney and Dietrich Rueschemeyer Part I. Accumulation of Research: 2. Comparative-historical analysis and knowledge accumulation inExpand
The Logic of Process Tracing Tests in the Social Sciences
This article discusses process tracing as a methodology for testing hypotheses in the social sciences. With process tracing tests, the analyst combines preexisting generalizations with specificExpand
Comparative-Historical Methodology
The last decade featured the emergence of a significant and growing literature concerning comparative-historical methods. This literature offers methodological tools for causal and descriptiveExpand
Toward a Unified Theory of Causality
In comparative research, analysts conceptualize causation in contrasting ways when they pursue explanation in particular cases (case-oriented research) versus large populations (population-orientedExpand
Colonialism and Development: A Comparative Analysis of Spanish and British Colonies1
Recent research shows that colonialism reversed levels of development in much of the non‐European world. To explain this reversal, analysts focus on conditions within the colonized areas. ByExpand
Strategies of Causal Inference in Small-N Analysis
Much debate concerning small-N analysis has centered on the question of whether this research tradition has powerful tools for assessing causality. Yet, recent contributions make it clear thatExpand