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Investigating the altitude effect on the quantity and quality of the essential oil in Tanacetum polycephalum Sch.-Bip. polycephalum in the Baladeh region of Nour, Iran.
The results showed that as the altitude increases, the essential oil compositions revealed the greater quantity and percentage in the aerial parts of T. polycephalum.
Effects of the height and geographical aspects on potential of soil carbon sequestration in Kermanshah, Iran.
Main phenomenon of climate change that is harmful for human being, increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Regarding to the potential of carbon storage in soil and plant tissues,
The effect of altitude on breaking seed dormancy and stimulation of seed germination of Persian hogweed (Heracleum persicum).
Investigation of the effect of altitude on breaking dormancy and stimulate seed germination of Persian hogweed found that changes in elevation are an effective factor on seed Germination characteristics of this species and this factor has to be considered in seed preparation and restoration with this species.
Study of Grazing and Exclusion Effects on Soil characteristic (Case study: Viseh Valley, Iran)
Rangland exclusion to livestock is one of the management methods for range management increase vegetation cover and improvement soil. The goal of this study is to asscess the effects of grazing and
Considering livestock grazing on the diversity of medicinal plants (Case study: Boz Daghi arid and semi-arid rangelands)
In Bozdaghi Region, arid and semi arid rangelands in Maneh-o-Samalghan City of North Khorasan Province, the effect of livestock grazing on types and diversity of medicinal plants is considered.
The effect of altitude and soil on the quantity and quality of essential oils of Cichorium intybus Case study: Lazour Firouzkhouh
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