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Framing the mother: childhood obesity, maternal responsibility and care
Currently in developed nations, childhood obesity is generating widespread concern and prompting social and institutional responses. Obesity is constructed as a broad public health crisis, butExpand
Social class, anxieties and mothers' foodwork.
It is argued that, unlike the working-class mothers pathologised in some literature on obesity, these working- class mothers demonstrated a no-nonsense (but still responsibilised) approach to feeding their children. Expand
Having the difficult conversations about the end of life
Clinicians need to create repeated opportunities for patients to talk about their future and end of life care, guided by the patient as to timing, pace, and content of such talks, and respecting theExpand
To be or not to be a mother?
This article is based on a recently completed study of fertility decision-making in Victoria, Australia. Drawing on semi-structured interviews with 100 women, it explores how dominant discourses ofExpand
Gender, Space, and Discourse across Borders: Talking Gender in Cyberspace
The possibility of online student collaboration over cyberspace for two groups of students in Australia and Singapore was conceived by JaneMaree Maherat Monash University in Australia in 2005 afterExpand
Caring for the Dying at Home: Companions on the Journey
This book discusses palliative care at home in common cancers, living and dying at home, and how knowledge and words of wisdom help to guide care. Expand
The “New Man” is in the House: Young Men, Social Change, and Housework
Many scholars and journalists argue that housework is slowly being transformed in the late-modern era, with men doing more housework, women doing less, and outside help being utilized more often.Expand
A mother by trade: Australian women reflecting mothering as activity, not identity
In Engendering Motherhood , McMahon argues that contemporary motherhood is ‘contested terrain’. McMahon suggests that as contemporary Western societies have focused on selfrealisation as the means toExpand
Seeing Language in Sign: The Work of William C. Stokoe
In 1955 William C. Stokoe arrived at Gallaudet College (later Gallaudet University) to teach English where he was first exposed to deaf people signing. While most of his colleagues dismissed signingExpand
Between bodies and collectivities: Articulating the action of emotion in obesity epidemic discourse
Over the last decade intense concern has developed about what has been characterised as an obesity epidemic in the West. This concern has been accompanied by equally intense debates over the validityExpand