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The Effective Mass of an Oscillating Spring
We have calculated the effective mass of the spring in an oscillating mass-spring system. It varies from 4/π2 to 13 the mass of the spring as the suspended mass varies from 0 to ∞. This and theExpand
India and the Gulf Crisis: The Response of a Minority Government
B ETWEEN the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the allied powers' combined )attack on Iraq to liberate Kuwait, there was a shift in power in India from the Janata Dal government headed by V.P. Singh toExpand
Military-Madrasa-Mullah Complex
Since the 1970s, the military-madrasa-mullah complex in Pakistan has nurtured a relationship that has transformed Islam into a fundamentalist creed which has spawned a militant brand of Islam toExpand
The US war against terrorism: Implications for South Asia
Abstract International terrorism does not recognize any national boundary, nor is it endemic to any particular culture. Any state, any time, is vulnerable to it. The terrorist attacks on the US onExpand
Effect of surface magnetic fields on dissociation of adsorbed molecules
Abstract We discuss the effect of surface magnetic fields due to catalyts constituted of transition metals and their alloys. It is demonstrated how the surface magnetic field influences the rate ofExpand
A dielectric approach to high temperature superconductivity
In this paper we investigate the dielectric response of an electron-ion system to the presence of a pair of charges. From the nature of the dielectric function, it Is shown that a strong attractiveExpand
On the interaction of continuous wave and pulsed lasers with surface adsorbed molecules: general theory and N2 on graphite
Abstract A study is made of the interaction of continuous wave (CW) and pulsed lasers with surface adsorbed molecules. The phases and amplitudes of the two components of the effective fieldExpand