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Judicial Interviews of Children in Custody and Access Disputes: Emerging Perspectives & Unresolved Tensions
This paper explores and evaluates the reasons for supporting and opposing judicial interviews of children in the context of child custody litigation. It then goes on to explore the conflict betweenExpand
Constitutional Complexities Involved in the Implementation of a Federal Securities Regulation Regime in Canada: The View from 2009
For several decades politicians and players in the securities industry have been pushing for the creation of a federal securities regulator in Canada. This paper explores the constitutional issuesExpand
Originalism and Dynamism - An Ideological Divide
This paper is an exploration of statutory interpretation. It surveys the basic issues surrounding the interpretation of statutes with an emphasis on the ideological division between those who preferExpand
The controversial intellectual giant of our time
While the late Justice Antonin Scalia is best known for his colourful, intemperate dissents, not everyone is aware of his broader significance as a jurist and legal scholar. As well as beingExpand
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The Evolution of Hansard Use at the Supreme Court of Canada: A Comparative Study in Statutory Interpretation
While the use of Hansard as an aid to statutory interpretation has been studied in great detail in the UK and US, Canadian legal scholars have paid very little attention to the phenomenon. Until now,Expand
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The Legal Authority of Ontario Municipalities to Restrict the Use of Electric Baseboard Heaters in Residential Rental Units
Electric base-board heating systems are the cheapest to install and among the most expensive to operate. While home-owners rarely choose this type of system, the opposite is true of landlords.Expand
Millar v Taylor as a precedent for statutory interpretation
Millar v Taylor is an iconic case for statutory interpretation. It has long been regarded as the case in which the rule prohibiting reliance on legislative history was first put forward by Mr.Expand
The Legacy of Anglo-American Textualism
The slow death of a dogma? The prohibition of legislative history in the 20th century:
It is commonly believed that the rule prohibiting reliance on legislative history as an aid to statutory interpretation was firmly in place in the United Kingdom, and indeed throughout the English-...