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Methane and carbon dioxide ratio in excreted air for quantification of the methane production from ruminants
Abstract This technical note presents a simple, fast, reliable and cheap method to estimate the methane (CH4) production from animals by using the CH4 and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in airExpand
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Endogenous Amino Acid Flow in the Duodenum of Dairy Cows
Larsen M., Madsen T. G., Weisbjerg M. R., Hvelplund T., Madsen J. (Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Foulum, P.O. Box 50, DK8830 Tjele, Denmark, and The Royal Veterinary and AgriculturalExpand
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The Danish Model of Industrial Relations: Erosion or Renewal?
The Danish model represents one of the most solidly-based industrial relation (IR) systems in Europe, and is today internationally regarded as an exemplar owing to its effective combination ofExpand
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Appropriate methods for the evaluation of tropical feeds for ruminants
Abstract The nutritive value of a feedstuff is dependent on the intake and on the amount of nutrients absorbed from the ingested feedstuff during its passage through the gastro intestinal tract. ThisExpand
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Concentrate composition for Automatic Milking Systems — Effect on milking frequency
Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential of affecting milking frequency in an Automatic Milking System (AMS) by changing ingredient composition of the concentrate fed inExpand
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Estimation of methane emission using the CO2 method from dairy cows fed concentrate with different carbohydrate compositions in automatic milking system
Abstract Two concentrates (MELK and VEM) with two different carbohydrate compositions were supplemented during milking in an Automatic Milking System (AMS). The objectives of this study were toExpand
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Estimation of voluntary feed intake from in sacco degradation and rate of passage of DM or NDF
Abstract The relation between voluntary feed intake of DM or NDF and fill, calculated from in sacco degradation weighted with rate of passage, was tested in two × 3 Latin square experiments, one withExpand
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Growth performance, carcass and non-carcass characteristics of Mubende and Mubende×Boer crossbred goats under different feeding regimes
A surge in the demand for goats' meat both locally and internationally has prompted many goat farmers in Uganda to venture into commercial goat production. However, goat production is highlyExpand
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Growth and slaughter characteristics of Ankole cattle and its Boran and Friesian crossbreds
One hundred and forty four bulls comprising 48 animals of each breed, i.e. purebred Ankole (ANK) and its crossbreds with Boran (AXB) and Friesian (AXF) were assigned to three feeding systems (FS) toExpand
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