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20 THz broadband generation using semi-insulating GaAs interdigitated photoconductive antennas.
We demonstrate broadband (20 THz), high electric field, terahertz generation using large area interdigitated antennas fabricated on semi-insulating GaAs. The bandwidth is characterized as a functionExpand
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Terahertz amplifier based on gain switching in a quantum cascade laser
An amplifier for terahertz pulses is demonstrated using an Auston switch to perform ultrafast gain switching in a quantum cascade laser. The approach may benefit terahertz imaging and sensing schemesExpand
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Phase seeding of a terahertz quantum cascade laser
The QCL carrier phase is set by coherent injection seeding with a THz pulse. This enables the phase-resolved laser emission to be measured in the time-domain and the QCL to be used directly forExpand
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Gain enhancement in a terahertz quantum cascade laser with parylene antireflection coatings
We study the effect of parylene antireflection coatings on the gain of a 2.8 THz quantum cascade laser using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. With antireflection coatings the threshold currentExpand
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High-Temperature Terahertz Optical Diode Effect without Magnetic Order in Polar FeZnMo_{3}O_{8}.
We present a terahertz spectroscopic study of polar ferrimagnet FeZnMo_{3}O_{8}. Our main finding is a giant high-temperature optical diode effect, or nonreciprocal directional dichroism, where theExpand
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Terahertz radiation from magnetic excitations in diluted magnetic semiconductors.
We probed, in the time domain, the THz electromagnetic radiation originating from spins in CdMnTe diluted magnetic semiconductor quantum wells containing high-mobility electron gas. Taking advantageExpand
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Patch antenna terahertz photodetectors
We report on the implementation of 5 THz quantum well photodetector exploiting a patch antenna cavity array. The benefit of our plasmonic architecture on the detector performance is assessed byExpand
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Phase seeding of a terahertz quantum cascade laser
The amplification of spontaneous emission is used to initiate laser action. As the phase of spontaneous emission is random, the phase of the coherent laser emission (the carrier phase) will also beExpand
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All-optical wavelength shifting in a semiconductor laser using resonant nonlinearities
Researchers demonstrate all-optical wavelength conversion based on a resonant nonlinear process within a terahertz quantum cascade laser. The wavelength of the pump beam (812 nm) corresponds to theExpand
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Terahertz time domain spectroscopy of phonon-depopulation based quantum cascade lasers
A 3.1THz phonon depopulation-based quantum-cascade-laser is investigated using terahertz time domain spectroscopy. A gain of 25cm-1 and absorption features due to the lower laser level beingExpand
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