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Secularism and Freedom of Conscience
Secularism: the definition of this word is as practical and urgent as income inequalities or the paths to sustainable development. In this wide-ranging analysis, Jocelyn Maclure and Charles TaylorExpand
Quebec Identity: The Challenge of Pluralism
This hermeneutically and theoretically rich work opens new, potentially fertile, avenues of investigation and dialogue. It is an immensely valuable contribution to our national reconstitution.Expand
The Politics of Recognition at an Impasse? Identity Politics and Democratic Citizenship
  • J. Maclure
  • Political Science
  • Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • 1 March 2003
According to several authors, the politics of recognition are at an impasse. The politicization of identity, they claim, relies on a hermetic and essentialist conception of culture. Although thisExpand
Multiculturalism and Political Morality
Moving the debate forward: interculturalism’s contribution to multiculturalism
In this article, we compare Ricard Zappata-Barrero’s interculturalism with Tariq Modood’s multiculturalism. We will discuss the relation between distinct elements that compose both positions. WeExpand
Selling conscience short: a response to Schuklenk and Smalling on conscientious objections by medical professionals
In a thought-provoking paper, Schuklenk and Smalling argue that no right to conscientious objection should be granted to medical professionals. First, they hold that it is impossible to assess eitherExpand
The new AI spring: a deflationary view
  • J. Maclure
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • 1 September 2020
The current hype about artificial intelligence makes a sober assessment of the state of the technology and its likely societal impacts difficult. Expand
On the public use of practical reason
A number of phenomena have lent a new complexity to the long-standing challenge of constructing a legitimate and stable political order. I contend that both legitimacy and integration underExpand