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Yield and quality of fruits of strawberry cultivars in an organic production system
Most works on strawberry refer to conventional production systems and in traditional regions, so there is little scientific knowledge for its cultivation in other conditions, such as in the organic
Alcohol production from sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) genotypes in fermentative medium
Fermentation process shows a significant difference as a function of genetic material and yeasts used, suggesting that alcohol production is more efficient in 72 hours of fermentation and without the inclusion of nutrients.
Production and physicochemical characteristics of strawberry cultivars produced in organic cropping system
The conventional production of strawberries has been characterized by high use of inputs resulting in chemical waste in the fruit. Strawberry produced on organic cropping system becomes important,
Strawberry cultivation in Brazil | Cultivo de morangos no Brasil
The aim of this work is to explain about conventional and organic agriculture with emphasis in lichens on strawberry crop to support scientific research in more depth character.
Strawberry farming with lichens: an alternative to the environment | Cultivo de morangos com líquens: uma alternativa para o ambiente
The aim of work is to inform about the strawberry cultivation your climate conditions and possible use of lichens in the cultivation, and to explore its properties in modifying the chemical composition of the soil.
Otimização da cultura do morangueiro com uso de líquens em seu cultivo (Optimization of strawberry culture with use of lichens in cultivation)
A cultura do morangueiro demanda mao de obra mais qualificada, e cuidados especiais para evitar problemas fitossanitarios. Seu cultivo e caracterizado pelo uso indiscriminado de agrotoxicos, o que
Strawberry cultivars: Knowing to expand and reduce the environmental impacts | Cultivares de morango: conhecer para expandir e reduzir os impactos ambientais
The cultivation of strawberry concentrates only in the states of the Southeast and South of the country , contributing to the generation of direct and indirect jobs. The opening of new boundaries ,
Visando expansao da fronteira agricola do morango, neste trabalho objetivou-se avaliar a cultivar mais adaptada a Regiao Metropolitana do Recife, fator que se deve ao plantio em epoca quente.